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Welcome to the latest newsletter from the team at Hardcore Junglism! Over the past few weeks we have added a whole bunch of great new content including some more exclusive content to the store. Stars Of The Underground Video Back in the mid 1990′s De Underground Records in London’s Forest Gate was one of the

HJCHFP003 400x400 - Interview With Coolhand Flex

Interview With Coolhand Flex

Here at Hardcore Junglism, it’s an honour and a privilege to be able to interview a true legend of the old skool underground, Cool Hand Flex, also known as Dubwise 2 with Uncle 22 & De Underground Crew, thanks for taking time to speak to us, let’s start off with a little intro to those

Uncle 22 400x400 - Uncle 22 Back Cat Just Added

Uncle 22 Back Cat Just Added

With a production career starting in 1989 Uncle 22 aka Desmond Fearon quickly stamped his mark on the early Hardcore and Jungle scene with release’s on labels such as Ram Records and Strictly Underground

Foul Play Interview FT 400x400 - Interview - John Morrow - Foul Play

Interview – John Morrow – Foul Play

Foul Play rank amongst the most fondly remembered acts from the rave scene from 1992-1995. Their début release, an independent E.P released on their own label caused ripples in the hardcore/jungle scene leading to Foul Play getting signed to seminal imprint, Moving Shadow and producing countless classic tracks and remixes plus an album. Hardcore Junglism had a chance to catch up with John Marrow, former group member who still makes tunes today under the Skeleton army alias….

FPDHJ012 400x400 - The Lost Foul Play Tapes

The Lost Foul Play Tapes

Every once in a while something pops up whilst speaking to producers about what they still have in their possession in the way of master recordings and this is definitely something very special.

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