Help and advice for users of this site

We aim to ensure that all customers of Hardcore Junglism get perfect service and a no hassle experience. However from time to time things can occasionally go wrong. We hope that this page will be able to help you with any problems you may have using our store.

Please check below to see if there is a suggested solution to your problem – if there is not then please email us via our contact page where we will be happy to assist.

Please ensure you have checked below for a solution before you mail us.

Please note: Do not use any kind of download manager application as this can potentially cause an issue with your download. 

Q. I have purchased a download and I can’t open the file.
A. Please ensure that you are using our recommended archiving system – WinRAR. This is available for FREE at this link :  . All of our files are archived using this program and test downloaded and unpacked before release to ensure they are working properly. There has been instances of Mac users having problems unpacking our folders due to this so if you are a Mac user having problems unpacking then this might be the problem.

Note: Mac users should find that the File archiving system called “Stuffit” will unpack our Zip files :

Q. My download keeps failing halfway through.
A. Our site is hosted using a high end hosting package and all previous instances of users having problems with downloads are from the users connection. Please ensure you are using a high speed internet connection that is capable of handling large file transfers.

Q. I have unpacked my file and it’s not all there or there is a glitch in the file.
A. All files are tested before release to ensure that all tracks are complete and glitch free. In the instance of finding a problem with your file we would suggest again updating your archiving software (as detailed above) and trying to unpack the file again.

Q. My computer / connection went down halfway through the download what do I do?
A. If this happens do not worry we are able to monitor the situation in the back end and check your download progress. you should have 3 attempts at downloading your purchases so if after your 3rd attempt you are unable to download please contact us on the email address detailed above.

Q. My computer thinks my download is a EXCEL/TEXT/WORD/BINA file and I can’t open it.
A. Some operating systems can’t handle long file names. When the file is downloaded, it shortens the filename and loses the extension. This leaves your computer unable to know how to handle the file, so it often makes a guess (hence thinking it’s an Excel or Word file). If you rename the file, adding the extension .zip it should work fine.

Q. My hard drive has failed and I’ve lost the file or I’ve deleted it from my computer by mistake.
A. Once you have successfully downloaded a purchase from our site, the transaction is completed and the file becomes your responsibility. Make sure you backup your purchases! Hardcore Junglism accepts no responsibility for files lost after transaction is complete.

Q. Do your files have DRM?
A. No

Q. Ive realised I Have brought the wrong track can I have a refund?
A. Unfortunately, once an order has been processed we are unable to give any refunds (on Digital files) so please make sure you check your purchase at the checkout.

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