Goldseal Records was created from an idea in late 1991 & came to realisation in 1992 when DJ Skie AKA Dave Seal started the label as a means of releasing & distributing his self produced underground hardcore music. The first release dropped as a white label and featured “Dont Give Up” and “Goes Like This” by DJ Skie, which immidiately grabbed the interest of many DJ’s with its breakbeats and scratches melting with a crazy collection of samples and synth work. The white label flew out of stores and set the path in motion for many further releases.

Later that year Russell Fehlau AKA DJ Lynx & Martin Nairn AKA Reckless B joined the North London based label and the concept of Goldseal Tribe a collective of DJ’s & producers was born and started the label into a fast paced batch of releases through 1993 and 1994.

Russell Fehlau soon became labels manager and most processes were carried out in house from label design, pressing, promoting and distributing keeping the underground ethos of the label alive. Goldseal was kept away form the mainstream and cemented firmly in the underground scene with releases coming thick and fast for the next few years.

The productions continued to develop & Sub Labels Spik & Span & C & M Plastic were created allowing yet more great music to be released from more artists such as Reckless B and DJ Affray.

Over the years the Goldseal sound moved from piano driven Hardcore to incorporate the reggae & ragga elements of an early Jungle Hardcore sound which was emerging within the scene. Again these releases picked up a huge amount of club play and support was far and wide through out the scene and on the pirates.

Label founder & studio engineer DJ Skie sadly passed away in early 1994 so never got to see the wider junglist movement that followed nor the legacy of the label.

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