Hardcore Junglism - The Worlds 1st Fully Licensed Legal Old Skool Website
The Hardcore Junglism concept was created in 2012 with the site launching in 2014 as the worlds first online store specializing in the retail of Hardcore, Jungle and Drum N Bass music.
Our aim was to create a site that serves as a one stop shop for everything Old skool. From Remastered tracks in the store to in depth interviews and guest mixes so that in years to come people can find out about the history of this music. We also wanted to create a safe and secure environment where artists and labels could sell their products with no worry nor problem with quick and easy accounting and payment schedules and no hidden costs.
We started the process of trying to track down the original producers of the tracks which proved to be no easy task. Some were not to be found, some were found and did not provide a response but thankfully many were found and agreed to be part of the project. Moving on over the years we now stock the largest catalogue of exclusive Hardcore, Jungle and DNB content in the world with most of our catalogue being 100% exclusive to the site and not available any where else.
It was upon speaking to a lot of these producers that we became aware that a lot of unreleased material was available so we have endeavored to try to include these unreleased tracks for purchase on the site. In fact it amazed us at the amount of unreleased tracks that started to appear – Some producers had more unreleased masters than they did released masters!
So here we are, a legal online source for Old Skool Hardcore, Jungle and DnB music that you can purchase from and know that the original creators are going to be paid for the music that you are buying.
All of our content has been licensed from the original producers or the label owners. We deal direct with artists where possible ensuring that the artists earn as much from the sale of their product as possible.
All of our release’s are sold in WAV file format only to ensure the highest quality. From feedback we feel that it is best to offer the highest quality for people to enjoy so we made the choice to sell everything as WAV files.
If you are a record label owner or artist who would like to retail with us then please do have a look HERE for more info on retailing with Hardcore Junglism.
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