Video – Stars Of The Underground Trailer

Teaser - Video - Stars Of The Underground Trailer

Back in the mid 1990’s De Underground Records in London’s Forest Gate was one of the main hubs for Hardcore, Jungle and DNB. Located on Sebert Road the store also contained the studio where Coolhand Flex produced many of the huge Jungle and DNB anthems from the 90s. With DJ’s and producers propping up the counter and DJ Randall manning the decks the store was a melting pot of talent and huge release’s.

Film maker Roy Thomas spent hours filming in the shop and also travelling to events to film with the DJ’s and Producers that visited and worked there. With the intention of compiling the footage for commercial release a trailer was edited. Unfortunately the project never happened but Randall recently unearthed this trailer for Hardcore Junglism and Roy has very kindly agreed that we can upload this amazing piece of history for everyone to enjoy.

The video features face’s such as Randall, MC Fats, Coolhand Flex, MC Duke, Mike De Underground, Vocalist Michelle Tompson and many more of the shops regulars.

Check it out here: