HJ001 - DJ Crystl - The Dark Crystl - Vinyl Release-3

HJ001 – DJ Crystl – The Dark Crystl VIP & Remaster – Exclusive Vinyl Release! Out Now!

The Dark Crystl VIP mix is undoubtedly one of the most sought after unreleased Jungle dubplates from the early 90s and has never been available in any format other than to the handful of DJ’s who were lucky enough to obtain a copy direct from DJ Crystl when the track was first made. Thought lost forever, the track has become part of internet folklore with only a very few clips available in extremely low quality. We were lucky enough to source a high quality version direct from source for release as part of this very special vinyl project.

With Crystl’s released vinyl back catalog going for such high prices on the second-hand market we thought it would be a great opportunity to repress the original track – getting it remastered especially for this vinyl release to back up the unreleased VIP version.

Released exclusively via the Hardcore Junglism website on the 30th November 2018 in 12” vinyl format featuring a full-colour sleeve, a full-colour inner sleeve and labels all feature hand-drawn art by DJ Crystl himself. Each vinyl comes packed in its own individual non sealed reusable slip-on clear plastic sleeve to ensure the vinyl can be stored without the cover being damaged.

Also available at launch is a limited run of 35 packaged editions which include – One copy of the finished vinyl record, a one-off screen print based on Crystl’s original artwork that was hand drawn for the cover artwork, and has been hand signed by DJ Crystl in pencil on the bottom right hand corner and also includes 2 gloss finish cut to shape vinyl stickers featuring Crystl’s hand-drawn “Crystl” tag.

We anticipate demand for this release to be high so to avoid disappointment make sure you bag your copy as soon as possible!

Click Here To Purchase HJ001 – DJ Crystl – The Dark Crystl ( VIP ) / DJ Crystl – The Dark Crystl ( 2018 Remaster ) 12″ Vinyl Deluxe Package

Click here To Purchase HJ001 – DJ Crystl – The Dark Crystl ( VIP ) / DJ Crystl – The Dark Crystl ( 2018 Remaster ) 12″ Vinyl Only

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