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Hardleaders and Conqueror records added to store

Yet more brand new and never released digitally before content in the shape of an exclusive deal with the rights holders for Hardleaders and Conqueror Records.
Originally set up as sub labels to the massive Kickin Records in the early 1990’s Hardleaders and Conqueror records set the standard for the DNB scene for many years. With Hardleaders pushing the more techstep style of DNB its Predecessor Conqueror showcased the more ragga influenced side of the scene.

Having tracked down the owners to the rights for the entire Kickin music group catalog we have obtained an exclusive deal to release selected works from both labels on Hardcore Junglism. Having cherry picked the cream of the crop with extensive releases from Dillinja under his “Capone” alias and also killers from Lemon D we feel that we have showcased these labels to the fullest with tracks on the list still being firm fixtures in the sets of the top DNB DJ’s such as Andy C to this day.

Check out the collections in our store to hear for your self the killer cuts on these superb labels.

Digital tracks are supplied in 44.1k 16bit Stereo .WAV format on purchase! Dismiss